Water Softeners in Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn, NY is the most populous county in the entire state and was named after the Dutch village Breukelen. Among Brooklyn’s many notable attractions include the Coney Island, the Brooklyn Museum, the Prospect Park. All of this makes for a very popular place to live. One of the problems that residents of the Brooklyn, NY area face is low water quality. Water softening is an important part to improving your water quality. Water softening can prevent these negative effects such as when water is hard, it can clog pipes and soap will dissolve in it less easily.

When water is referred to as “hard” it simply means that it contains more minerals (calcium and magnesium) than ordinary water. Water hardness will typically be evident as white “chalky” deposits on hot and cold water fixtures, soap deposits/soap scum and rings around the bathtub. Hard water causes two problems.

The first problem is that it can cause “scale” to form on the inside of pipes, water heaters, tea kettles, etc. The calcium and magnesium precipitate out of the water and stick to the lining around them. The scale doesn’t conduct heat very well and it also reduces the flow through pipes. Eventually, pipes can become completely clogged. The second problem is that it reacts with soap to form a sticky scum and reduces the soap’s ability to lather. Since most of us like to wash with soap, hard water makes a bath or shower less productive. Hard water can make laundering clothing more difficult and requires the use of more soap when bathing and cleaning. To help prevent these problems, installation of a water softener may be in order. Contact us to get a quote for water softener services.

Why Choose Metropolitan Plumbing & Heating for Water Softeners?

Since 1990, Metropolitan Plumbing & Heating has provided water softeners to properties all across New York City. Take a look at the testimonials left by a few of our customers!

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