Iron Curtains in Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn, NY is the most populous county in the entire state and was named after the Dutch village Breukelen. Among Brooklyn’s many notable attractions include the Coney Island, the Brooklyn Museum, the Prospect Park. All of this makes for a very popular place to live. One of the problems that residents of the Brooklyn, NY area face is low water quality. The Iron Curtain dissolves these minerals and then filters them away, leaving clean, fresh smelling, good tasting water.

Does your water smell; do you have rusty or brown stains on your laundry, sinks, washing machine and plumbing fixtures? These stains cannot be removed by soaps or detergents. Bleach and alkaline builders (often sodium phosphate) can make the stains worse. Over time, iron deposits can build up in water heaters, pressure tanks, and plumbing, reducing your water pressure. An Iron Curtain system guards against a multitude of water problems. Imagine . . . no more iron taste or iron stains. No more sulfur smell; longer life for your appliances, water heater, and softener. Fresh, clean, great-tasting water can be yours again with an Iron Curtain filtration system.

Why Choose Metropolitan Plumbing & Heating for Iron Curtains?

Metropolitan Plumbing & Heating has provided iron curtain services to properties all across New York City. Our trained professionals are here to provide assistance with all your iron curtain questions and needs. Take a look at the testimonials left by a few of our customers!

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